The main objectives of the campaign are the following:

1. To highlight the wall as a persistent crime against the human rights of the Sahrawi people and a huge obstacle to the realisation of their inalienable right to self-determination and independence.

2. To garner support from the largest possible number of international actors and to ensure their active participation in the legal, political and media denunciation of the wall.

3. To raise public awareness of the wall and its enduring humanitarian, social, economic, political, legal and environmental impacts.

4. To highlight the situation of the mine victims as living testimonies to the destructive magnitude of the wall and its impact on civilian population.

5. To ensure the participation of more international actors in the demining operations on both sides of the wall.

6. To work in collaboration with local and international stakeholders towards the universalisation and full implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty and the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

In short, the main objective of the campaign is to muster all possible support from policymakers and international public opinion to compel the occupying Moroccan State to comply with the rules of international humanitarian law and demilitarise the wall, neutralise and remove the entire arsenal of destruction that it contains including antipersonnel and anti-tank landmines and explosive remnants of war.