Humanitarian problems that need urgent actions

The Moroccan wall in Western Sahara and the 7 million landmines and explosive remnants of war pose serious humanitarian problems in the short and long term for the Sahrawi civilian population on both sides of the wall. Your action is urgently needed.

How can you contribute to the campaign?

• Join the campaign and become a focal person for the campaign in your local community, region or country.

• Spread the word and tell people and media outlets about the campaign.

• Organise a local event on the themes of the campaign.

• Write to your local politicians, MPs, and mine action and mine victim organisations etc., to inform them about the campaign and to ask them to take action.

• Initiate and sign petitions in support of the themes of the campaign. is one place to start.
• Donate or assist in fundraising for:

1. Landmine victims and survivors (for treatment, prostheses, rehabilitation, socioeconomic integration, etc.,). Assistance may be coordinated with the Sahrawi Association of Landmine Victims (ASAVIM):;

2. Humanitarian demining (surveying, marking, clearance, mine risk education (MRE), training, etc.,).

• Volunteer for the campaign; you may contact us for more information.

• Reproduce and translate materials on the campaign into other languages.

• Any other initiative that you may think of; we are open to suggestions.

• Whatever you do, please let us know about it so we can publicise your activities among other members of the campaign.

• Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

• Finally, remember that everything that you do is very important!