The participants in the eighth edition of the International Arts and Human Rights Encounters in Western Sahara, ARTifariti 2014, coming from sixteen countries of four continents and gathered in the Sahrawi refugee camps on 4 November 2014,

Aware that the Wall of Moroccan Occupation, also known as the Wall of Shame, still poses a great danger to the Sahrawi population on both sides of the wall,

Aware of the devastating and enduring humanitarian, social, cultural, economic and environmental consequences that the Wall of Shame has had and continues to have on the life of the Sahrawi people on both sides of the wall,

Deeply concerned about the presence of over 7 million landmines and large quantity of cluster munitions and explosive remnants of war in Western Sahara that continue to pose a great danger to the Sahrawi population on both sides of the wall,

Aware of the situation of the Sahrawi landmine victims as living testimonies to the destructive magnitude of the wall and its impact on the lives of innocent civilians,

Affirming the important role of art and artistic forms as a means to denounce injustice and to promote and defend freedom, human dignity and human rights of all people,

Convinced that destroying the walls of exclusion is a prerequisite for building another possible world and that removing the Wall of Shame is a necessary step to restore peace and freedom in Western Sahara,

Decide to join the International Campaign against the Wall of the Moroccan Occupation in Western Sahara: together to remove the wall, whose main objective is to gather all possible international support to force Morocco to demilitarise its wall of occupation in Western Sahara, neutralise and remove the entire arsenal of destruction that it contains including anti-personnel mines and explosive remnants of war.

Proclaim their strong commitment to developing and implementing a series of actions and activities to move the campaign forward and to achieve its objectives in the short and long term.

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